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Sparzy #082

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Sparzy is the 82nd Temtem.

Also known familiarly as "Sparky", this Temtem is a common sight in Cipanku. Children are warned to keep away from them - although normally good-natured and cheerful, they can involuntarily discharge considerable electric shocks.

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Type Effectiveness

Attacking type NeutralIconLarge.png FireIconLarge.png NatureIconLarge.png WaterIconLarge.png ElectricIconLarge.png MentalIconLarge.png EarthIconLarge.png WindIconLarge.png CrystalIconLarge.png DigitalIconLarge.png MeleeIconLarge.png ToxicIconLarge.png
Effectiveness 1 1 1 1 0.5 1 2 0.5 2 1 1 1


SparzyPreview.png TBA
Normal ✩ Luma

Learn more about ✩ Luma variants.


  • This Temtem was originally revealed on May 23, 2018 on the official Temtem Twitter account.[1]
  • Sparzy was named by the community. The request for a name was made on May 16, 2018.[2]


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