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Saipat #069

Saipat ProfilePhoto.png


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Saipat is the 69th Temtem.

Nothing says 'amateur' like making fun of Saipat. Sure, they might look comical at first sight, but nobody who has faced a totally focused Saipat, sturdy coral sai in hand, takes them anything but seriously.

Type Effectiveness

Attacking type NeutralIconLarge.png FireIconLarge.png NatureIconLarge.png WaterIconLarge.png ElectricIconLarge.png MentalIconLarge.png EarthIconLarge.png WindIconLarge.png CrystalIconLarge.png DigitalIconLarge.png MeleeIconLarge.png ToxicIconLarge.png
Effectiveness 1 0.5 0.5 2 2 0.5 2 1 2 0.5 1 2


  • On July 14, 2018, a small portion of this Temtem's design was leaked in the official Discord server, which prompted the community to post their own takes on what the design really looked like. Over the next few days, more cropped pictures of the same design were posted, until all leaked pieces were put together in a single image.[1]
  • This Temtem's complete design was revealed in a Twitter post on October 9th, 2018,[2] while its name was revealed a day later. [3]
  • Saipat's name may be a portmanteau derived from sai (a Japanese melee weapon) and pato (duck in Spanish).


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