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Pigepic #141

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Pigepic is the 141st Temtem. It does not evolve from or into another form.

The absolute favourites of toddlers all around the Archipelago, Pigepic are fluffy, soft and absolutely adorable. Voluminous and cumbersome, they normally float low over the ground, making them ideal playmates for small children.

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Type Effectiveness

Attacking type NeutralIconLarge.png FireIconLarge.png NatureIconLarge.png WaterIconLarge.png ElectricIconLarge.png MentalIconLarge.png EarthIconLarge.png WindIconLarge.png CrystalIconLarge.png DigitalIconLarge.png MeleeIconLarge.png ToxicIconLarge.png
Effectiveness 1 1 1 1 2 1 0.5 0.5 1 1 1 1


PigepicPreview.png PigepicLumaPreview.png
Normal ✩ Luma

Learn more about ✩ Luma variants.


Level Technique Type Damage Description
Stare Lowers opponents defence stat.

Concept Art


  • This Temtem was originally revealed on April 3, 2018 on the official Temtem Twitter account.[1]
  • Pigepic's Luma coloration was inspired by a running joke started in Temtem's Discord community. The original fanart was done by JustinSix, and included a moustache[2] that wasn't added to the final in-game model.


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